Black mannequin head wearing silver leaf shaped stud earrings
Black mannequin head wearing gold leaf shaped stud earrings
open silver jewelry box with silver leaf shaped earrings inside
open silver jewelry box with gold leaf shaped earrings inside

Leaf Stud

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This product may contain Cadmium & Lead. DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC!

Elle Jae B earrings are all about you! Our stud earrings are the perfect for every day looks. Variety is key, so you have options from earrings in gold and silver and different colored stones that fit all kinds of fashions. These kid friendly earrings are sure to become your new everyday go-to earring.

These earrings will leave any and every outfit looking effortlessly chic, stylish, and polished. Our earrings are the perfect addition to your casual, work or evening wear wardrobe. Our large selection of different styles make our earrings the ultimate accessory!